learn to increase your engagement with Facebook to make more money and dramatically grow your page

Welcome to Your FB Challenge – The only course to teach you the real metric that Facebook truly wants you to increase: your engagement rate

I became a ‘reluctant guru’ (not my words) when my page at Change your Thoughts Today grew from 3,000 likes in May 2013 to 619,000 likes today.

I learned the one important metric that really mattered on Facebook and that is our engagement rate.  once I figured this out it was quite easy after that and the page continues to grow with over 2,000 organic likes per day, no advertising at all.

When others visited my page the were naturally curious as to how I managed to grow my page is such a short space of time wondering if I had bought likes, if I advertised to, supposedly, tier 3 countries.  The honest answer, I tried everything from May 2013 – December 2013, but none of it really worked.  Whilst sitting at 33,000 likes in December 2013 I finally found the answer without advertising, it’s all to do with engagement.

I was getting around 20 messages per day asking me for ‘My Secret’ so I finally decided to write a short course on it, which you can see here www.YourFBChallenge.com where I challenge readers to try this method for 30 days and increase their engagement by at least 100-1,000% and make a lot more money from their page.